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Innovation, Motivation and Gamification Training and Consultancy.

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What is a Gamifinnator?

The year is 2069! Humanity has reached a state where going to work is so boring that people no longer have any will or energy to do so. The work day is completely dull and nobody even has the willpower to communicate with their colleagues anymore. Education has reached a state where trainings are so boring that it's almost impossible not to fall asleep.

Fortunately a group of half-cyborgs called Gamifinnators have come back to the past to save the day by promoting new methods of improving business and education and making them fun. Join us, so we can make the world a more exciting and creative place.

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We take process understanding to the next level by creating custom gamified software solutions for your company and team.

Our goal is to make your company onboarding, trainings and processes more interesting and engaging for your employees, which can drastically increase their participation in the company culture and job satisfaction.

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Every completed task is a step forward!

Are you living in a world where it has become tough to manage your daily tasks, achieve goals and build healthy and useful habits?

Try out our new gamified task management platform where you can add your daily tasks, create missions and reward yourself for being productive, whilst playing a board game with hidden surprises.

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The Innovation Challenge Workshop

Are you in need of a creative solution to a problem in your company?

Then we have just the solution for you!

Our Innovation Challenge Workshop is aimed to make your employees more innovative, creative, competitive and increase their teamwork skills.

Our workshop consists of real-world examples, games, teamwork exercises and combines some of the best and proven gamification techniques.

Since our creativity challenges require you to think outside the box and work as a team, your colleagues will reach what we call the "Super Creative Mode". Thus, this is the perfect moment to brainstorm and come up with innovative solutions to the actual problems.

Some of the topics we cover in the workshop include "How to be more innovative", "How to contribute efficiently to the company innovation culture", "How to motivate yourself and your colleagues".

We can also offer our workshop in a team-building version, which we call the Gamifinno InnoBuilding.

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  • Gamifino's motivational solutions go beyond traditional gamification. It also uses the latest behavioral-science breakthroughs to nudge  workplace behaviors in desirable directions.
    Paul Herr Paul Herr Entrepreneur, innovator and critically-acclaimed author
  • What makes Gamifinno's services different is that they are truly unique and bring real value to a company. You just have to give them a try and see for yourself.
    Sevgin Mustafov Sevgin Mustafov Co-founder & CEO at Globalized and CEO at Global Academy Place

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Who are we?

Zdravko Botushanov

Zdravko is the type of person who needs to know everything and can always find the bright side in life. Gamification is his passion, because it is the ultimate tool which can change the world and make it more fun and compelling. Zdravko is currently an international trainer in the IT sphere and has lead trainings to hundreds of people in many European countries. One key factor why his trainings receive the highest of ratings is that he applies gamification and makes them more interactive and engaging to the audience. His dream is to improve the lives of millions of people by changing business and education for the better.

Plamen Ivanov, Ph.D.

Plamen is an IT service management professional, enterprise entrepreneur, innovator and lecturer who loves nature, science and challenges. Plamen's greatest passion is the development, support and management of innovation that has resulted in 4 filed internationally published patents and more than two years of experience in a leading innovation organisation such as HPE Innovations Bulgaria. Plamen has more than 15 years experience in the IT industry delivering projects for organisations like Vodafone Netherlands, Telekom Austria Group, Bulgarian Government, E.ON AG, T-Systems and equensWorldline. Plamen holds a Ph.D. degree in the field of Computer Science from Technical University Sofia. Plamen has numerous rewards and recognitions including the award of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria "John Atanasoff” Certificate 2014.